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Agriculture and gardening machines 

Eima 2018 Vert
Our products

Since 1967 Cifarelli Spa has been manufacturing professional machines in Italy.

Our specialization are backpack machines with two-stroke engine, light, powerful and durable.

Backpack mist blowers

Shakers for olive's harvesting

Powerful blowers for agriculture and silent blowers for gardening and city cleaning

Vacuum to harvest chestnuts and hazelnuts, Vacuum for leaves

An important peculiarity of our professional machineries is their versatility.

The same device, in fact, can be used in different fields, among which: agriculturegardening, city cleaning and fire-fighting.

Italian production, international distribution

We produce 100% in Italy and our products are distributed in over 80 countries worldwide.


The after sales service is an integral part of our strategy, the immediate availability of spare parts and the partnership with our distributors, some of whom are working with us since decades, are fundamental.

Research and development

We invest each year in research & development a relevant part of our turnover, improving products and production technologies.

We intend to offer products that are always aligned with the best technologies on the market and with a high level of innovation.

We can also offer a service of injection moulding of technical materials in plastics.